TCTools: New project: TCTools

Added by Jens Hunger almost 8 years ago

TCTools (Theoretical Chemistry Tools) is a collection of small scripts and programs for conversion and evaluation of data from various sources. At the moment it contains the three subprojects TCTools-LMTO, TCTools-FPLO and TCTools-CASTEP which are related to the corresponding theoretical chemistry program packages.

SAASS: How to download the whole SAASS repository

Added by Jens Hunger over 10 years ago

The SAASS repository is handled via SVN (SubVersioN is a system for handling software projects).
It is not necessary to know the whole set of SVN commands for working with the system. The best solution is to use a GUI for SVN, the simplest GUIs I know are "Tortoise" for Windows ( and "kdesvn" for Linux (use your software manager to install it). "Tortoise" and "kdesvn" are integrated in the explorer of the system and their functioning is quite close.

Using Tortoise/kdesvn you have to do the following:
1: Install Tortoise/kdesvn in your PC (the PC should be restarted in Windows)
2: Create in your PC an empty directory (e.g. c:\SAASS, ~/SAASS)
3: Click with the right button of your mouse on the icon of the just created directory. A contextual menu appears (If you are using "kdesvn" in Linux, when clicking with the right button on the icon of the directory, go to Actions > Subversion ... etc).
4: Select "Checkout"
5: Introduce as URL of the repository: svn://
6: Click on OK
That’s all! You have just created a copy of the SAASS repository in your PC.
From now, you just have to use "update" for getting the latest version, or "commit"
for sending modifications.


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